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Like great teachers, Box Cars workshops evolve and improve as we learn more of how students learn. Check out workshop descriptions for the most up-to-date details for our internationally recognized professional development workshops.

Our books and manipulatives continue to develop and evolve as well. Earlier this year we published our Pre K - 1st Grade book "SHAKE SHUFFLE & ROLL". We followed that up with MATH SHAKERS, the first book in our Million Dollar Math On a Dollar Store Budget series. We now have our MATH SHAKER manipulative (MN35) available on the Catalog Manipulatives Page with tons of uses from K to 8th grade and is the main manipulative in the NEW Math Shakers book. We are just about to publish DOUBLE DARE YOU - Revised Edition. This book will have over 100 games and variations which use double dice as the main manipulative. It will be focused at the 3rd to 5th grade curriculum but will have K-2 and Middle Years variations for every game, providing ready-to-go differentiation for all your students. The other unique feature of this revised edition is the highlighting of MATH TALK and MATH THINK helping teachers identify clearly what their students know and should be thinking.