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On A Roll To Spelling... And More


This 141-page book contains 64 games for Kindergarten to Grade 4 and up. Games teach the following skills:

  • Letter Recognition
  • Printing Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
  • Sound / Symbol Recognition
  • Initial Consonants
  • Vowel Sounds
  • Creating Two, Three and Four-Letter Words
  • Spelling Simple Words
  • Word Recognition
  • Spelling Familiar First and Last Names
  • Identifying Vowels
  • Spelling Complex Words
  • Spelling Multi-Syllable Words
  • Using Dictionaries
  • Identifying Rhyming Pairs
  • Recognizing Compound Words
  • Learning Suffixes
  • Identifying and Spelling Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Identifying and Spelling Homonyms
  • Identifying and Spelling Words that Break Phonic Rules
  • Identifying and Spelling Words with Silent Letters
  • Problem Solving using Logical Reasoning
  • Giving Definitions
  • Constructing Simple Sentences
  • Creating Alliterative Sentences
  • Constructing Meaningful Sentences
  • Identifying and Using Prepositions
  • Identifying Parts of Speech
  • Minimal Cue
The book also includes reproducible gameboards.

Sample Games

Vowel Crosses
For Grades 1 and up. Teaches spelling three-letter words.

Compound Snap
For Grades 2 and up. Teaches recognition of compound words.

Vowel Crosses

Compound Snap