Deluxe Literacy Custom Student Set


This student set contains 60 lower case tiles – meant to be pulled apart and used for word building activities.  The tiles can be washed and sanitized in sink or dishwasher.  This set contains two full alphabets, and repeats of the most frequently used letters in English language.  It also contains one alphabet die – vowels are in their own color, extra sides are most frequently used letters.  2 x vowel dice can be used together with the alphabet die.  A  Five W’s question dice is great for reading comprehension, generating and writing questions.  Build words with the Sight word and Missing Vowel Decks.  Activities for both the tiles and the dice can be found in On A Roll to Literacy and More.  Check out our other literacy resources on line.

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Custom Student Set Includes:

1 x DC43L Alphabet Dice
2 x DC44 Vowel Dice
1 x DC45 Five “W”s Dice (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How)
1 x MN02 Slab of Lowercase Alphabet Tiles
1 x CD03 Missing Vowel Deck (Red)
1 x CD04 Sight Word Deck (Yellow)
Comes in a Washable Mesh Bag


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