PreK-Kindergarten Custom Student Set


This student set contains the following:  mini deck of cards contains no picture cards, instead they have real 0’s, 1’s, 11’s and 12’s as well as values 2 – 10, 0 – 5 dice for learning number families to 5, and later to 10, addition to 10, 1 – 20 die for learning numbers beyond 10 and the teens, double demo dice for practicing doubles, matching to dominoes, addition to 12, subtraction from 6, a folder ruler that can be used with cards, or with the spotted 12 sided and demo 12 sided dice.  The ruler and dice can be used for comparing numbers, >,<, =, and note that the dots and numerals match in color to assist students with subitizing.  Bingo chips are perfect for counting, making number stories and fact family work.    Activities for Pre K – K are included in Shake Shuffle and Roll, and Foldable Rulers.

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Custom Student Set Includes:

1 x CD01 MiniDeck of Cards
1 x MN36 Foldable Ruler
1 x DC18 12 Sided Spotted Dice
1 x DC20 12 Sided Demo Dice
2 x DC32 0-5 Dice
1 x DC21 20 Sided Dice
1 x DC27 Double Demo Dice
+ Assorted Bingo Chips
Comes in A Washable Mesh Bag


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