Primary Place Value Filled Shaker


Comes preassembled in our math shaker, easy to socially distance and sanitize.  Contains 2 sets of 0 – 9,  00-90, 000-900 dice (for two students to share) and a +/- die for mentally adding hundreds, tens, ones,  (or 000-900 dice can easily be removed for work with just 10’s and 1’s and to differentiate the instruction)  Great for patterns, comparing numbers , reading expanding notation and standard form.  Dry erase markers can be used on the outside of the shakers for recording numbers from expanded to standard as well as marking. Dice colors may vary.

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1x MN35 Shaker
2x DC03 10 Sided Place Value Dice ONES
2x DC04 10 Sided Place Value Dice Decades
2x DC05 10 Sided Place Value Dice Hundreds
1x Dc24 Four Function dice (plus/minus)

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