Primary Place Value Custom Student Set


This student set contains 10 sided place value dice for learning numbers to 000 – 999.  Our number line is perfect to use with either the 0 – 9, 00-90 dice.  Number lines go both vertically 0-100 and horizontally 0-100, with benchmark decades circled for helping students with rounding.  The three in a cube die is perfect for Hundreds, Tens, Ones.  Mini deck of cards contain no picture cards, instead they contain real 0’s, 1’s, that are perfect for place value.  All dice are washable and can be sanitized in the mesh bag, directly in a dishwasher.  Activities for place value are included in Deca Dice for Primary and also Shuffling into Math.

Please note that mesh bag color may vary. If you have a hard preference for  your mesh bag color, please contact our head office directly or specify your color preference in your “order notes” at checkout.

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Custom Student Set Includes:

1 x CD01 MiniDeck of Cards
1 x MN30 Black 0-100 Number Line
1 x DC28 Three In A Cube Dice
2 x DC03 0-9 Place Value Dice
2 x DC04 00-90 Decade Place Value Dice
2 x DC05 000-900 Hundreds Place Value Dice
+ Assorted Bingo Chips
Comes in a Washable Mesh Bag



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