Webinars Information and Session List

Come prepared to play at one of Box Cars’ live Zoom Webinars! Games will be demonstrated and played through. Tips for differentiation and management will be shared, as well as student samples, math journal questions, math talk and math thinking. You will also receive a comprehensive pdf handout with black line masters for use in your classrooms or to send home with your students. Bring your best energy! Prizes can be awarded for participation. A certificate of completion will also be made available for anyone seeking reimbursement.

Our webinars will focus on the following COVID-related strategies:
1) teaching games with social distancing practices in place
2) how to adapt materials and manipulatives for a virtual teaching setting
3) how to assess student learning in an in-person, virtual or hybrid setting
4) developing math journals and daily math practice routines with games

For the time being, most of our work will remain virtual, although some of our US-based consultants are available for in-person trainings depending on the location. We have also been asked whether or not we will be scheduling any open webinars in the upcoming months. These have been very tricky to schedule at an ideal time to attract registrants. However, if you can find 10 – 15 teachers, colleagues, friends from other schools etc, we can schedule a private webinar for your group. That way, we can work around your time zone, time of day preference, grade levels and topic(s). We have been doing quite a few 90 minute Zooms at a cost of $20.00 plus applicable taxes per attendee.  Contact Jane directly for more info at jane@boxcarsandoneeyedjacks.com

And if you are looking for ways to keep your greater school community engaged,  consider a virtual Parent night or Family Math Night! We will prioritize games that use cards, regular dice and dominoes – materials many families already have at home. Email jane@boxcarsandoneeyedjacks.com if you are interested or would like more information.

UPCOMING WEBINARS – No Upcoming Webinars at the moment, but please check back or subscribe to our newsletter!

How to Register

Purchase a webinar in the same way you would any physical product. Select the date and time that works for you and add it to your cart. (We will be adding more date and time options so keep checking back!) Next, check out as you would any online purchase. After you make your purchase, you will be prompted to download the accompanying pdf handout for the session:

If you miss downloading the handout – not to worry! Just contact our head office at info@boxcarsandoneeyedjacks.com and we will ensure you are on the participants list and then resend the handout to you.

On the day of the webinar, kindly sign into Zoom under the name you used to purchase the webinar so that we can verify your identity. You do not need to use your full name; a first name and last initial will suffice, or the first portion of your email address (example: if your email is teacherabc@gmail.com, you can sign in as teacherabc). Have the handout printed and the relevant materials at hand (ie cards, regular six sided dice, etc.) It is crucial that you sign in at the correct time. Our webinars are scheduled using Mountain Time (Denver), so if you are in a different time zone, be sure to take that into account. We will be accepting logins approximately 15 minutes before the session is scheduled to start. Click the direct Zoom link on the first page of the pdf handout to enter the meeting, or use the meeting code and password which is likewise on the front page of your handout. In addition, an email with the handout and webinar login information will be sent to participants approximately 24-48 hours before the session is due to start.

We hope to see you there!